Privacy Policy

Personal Data is any information relating to a live identified natural person or an identifiable natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his identity.

More specific, with regard to Simplex's subscribers, Personal Data are:

    (a) The details provided by a customer as part his/her/its engagement with Simplex including but not limited to name, surname, address, identity number.
    (b) Any data pertaining to the client's operation which is kept for billing purposes.
    (c) The client's access codes, which are given by Simplex for the provision of various services.

Even though data relating to legal entities are not protected as personal data by the law, Simplex equally protects the data of all the legal entities, which are Simplex's customers.

2. Simplex's Obligations

    Simplex collects and processes the client's personal data only for the purpose of providing a data center and/or other IT (information technology) service to them. Personal data is collected and stored securely and is not disclosed to any third parties
    Personal data is kept only for the period necessary for completing the activity for which it was collected.
    In the case that Simplex processes personal data for which the client's consent is required, it shall seek their written consent.
    In the case that Simplex processes personal data for which an authorisation is required by the Commissioner of Data Protection, such authorisation shall be requested before any processing takes place.

3. Clients' Rights and Obligations

    Simplex's clients reserve the right to be informed in writing about the purposes of processing of their personal data, by requesting so in writing or via email.
    Simplex shall inform its clients in the case that their personal data is legally transferred to third parties.
    The clients are obliged to protect all the confidential data that is granted to them. Access codes and secret codes are strictly personal and Simplex cannot be held responsible in case of loss or theft. In case of loss or theft of the above codes, the clients are obliged to inform Simplex as soon as possible.

4. Exemptions

Simplex can process personal data without consent of its clients in the following cases:

    (a) For reasons of compliance with a legal obligation
    (b) For the performance of a task of public interest
    (c) For the purposes of a legitimate interest
    (d) For statistical purposes. 

5. Contact

Questions, comments, or complaints regarding Privacy Policy and data collection and processing practices can be mailed or emailed to:

Simplex Software & Internet Services Ltd.
P.O.Box 58058
Limassol 3730